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The newpaper offered the opportunity to research, render and design 3D models for publication. Architectural subjects were good but modelling the inside of a steam tug was complex. I used to ride my bike around the city looking for topics. Here are a few that were published.

Tug Baltimore by L. W. Harvey National Aquarium by L. W. Harvey Basilica of the Assumption by L. W. Harvey Below are two full page designs/graphics on the collapse of the B&O Museum in 2003. One focuses on the roof collapse and design flaws of the historic building and the other forcuses on the restoration. Finally I've included a frame rendered from an animation of the J.C. Davis. It just needs smoke and steam. The whole thing would make a nice Flash animation to exmplain the collapse and restoration.

B&O Collapse by L. W. Harvey B&O Restoration by L. W. Harvey J.C. Davis Animation by L. W. Harvey My most recent "MDDC" for the Baltimore Sun was awarded to a graphic of the Bromo-Seltzer tower which was converted into artists studios.

Bromo Tower by L. W. Harvey Below is a model for a story on the Deep Impact craft mission to study a comet by slamming into it.

Deep impact by L. W. Harvey