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NOW AVAILABLE: Invisible Soldiers: Untold Stories of World War Two

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'Invisible Soldiers: Untold Stories of World War Two'

Invisible Soldiers, No. 1The first two issues of "Invisible Soldiers" are now available!

Issue one of Invisible Soldiers includes three illustrated stories from different theaters of the war. The appendix also includes interviews with men related to the stories.

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Issue Two of Invisible Soldiers covers the experiences of Earl Cannaday, who fought in the Bougainville Island campaign. He participated in the Laruma River operation, the occupation of the Outpost Line of Resistance to push enemy artillery out of range of Allied airstrips and led his unit's patrols to clear snipers out of the Allied perimeter.

Invisible Soldiers, No. 2 Cannaday's story concentrates less on politics and focuses on the role of black soldiers in one of the war's major battles. Other histories of the 93rd in Bougainville devote sometimes more than 50 percent of their text to the failure of Company K in this operation. While "Invisible Soldiers" covers the incident , it is put into context with the records of the other 11 companies that performed well.

Cannaday's unit, the 2nd Battalion of the 25th Infantry Regiment, was the first 93rd Division unit into action and withstood the test of combat.

In other words, lots of action in this issue!

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